Ultrasonic Sensor Module HC-SR04 Distance Measuring Sensor For Arduino

2,500.00 1,450.00

Working Voltage : 5V(DC)
Static Current: Less than 2mA.
Output Signal: Electric frequency signal, high level 5V, low level 0V.
Sensor Angle: Not more than 15 degrees.
Detection Distance: 2cm-450cm.
High Precision: Up to 0.3cm
Input Trigger Signal: 10us TTL impulse
Echo Signal : output TTL PWL signal

The performance of this module is stable and precise measure of distance. And comparable foreign SRF05, SRF02 Ultrasonic Ranging Module. Module precision, blind spots (2cm) super close, stable distance measurement is strong based on this product successfully to market! This module is completely modest capacity of GH-311 anti-theft module
Two main technical parameters:
1: Voltage: DC5V 2: Quiescent Current: <2mA
3: level output: the output of the high-5V 4: level: the end of 0V
5: Induction Angle: not more than 15 degrees: detection range: 2cm-450cm
7: High precision: up to 0.3cm
The module works:
(1) IO trigger ranging to at least 10us high signal;
(2) module automatically sends eight 40kHz square wave, automatically detect whether a signal return;
(3) the signal to return, a high IO output, high duration of
Ultrasonic time from launch to return. Test distance = (time high * speed of sound (340M / S)) / 2;


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