Toshiba 3534 Replacement Battery

9,000.00 6,800.00


  • Strong and reliable
  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • Great value for money
  • Lasts up to 3-4 hours

This Laptop Battery is also compatible with the following models:

For Toshiba

Equium A200 series Dynabook AX/55F Dynabook AX/57E
L300D-EZ1001V Dynabook EX/33J Dynabook EX/63H
Satellite A200 Series Dynabook TX/65D Dynabook TV/68J2
Satellite A202 Dynabook TX/65H Dynabook TX/65E
Satellite A355 series Satellite A200-27Z Satellite A200-27R
Satellite A500-01V Satellite A200-28P Satellite A200-28E
Satellite A500-027 Satellite A200-29L Satellite A200-298
Satellite A500-02J Satellite A200-AH1 Satellite A200-2BL
Satellite A500-040 Satellite A200-AH9 Satellite A200-AH3
Satellite A500-12C Satellite A200-M00 Satellite A200-JA1
Satellite A500-14K Satellite A200-ST2042 Satellite A200-SC3
Satellite A500-15M Satellite A200-TH5 Satellite A200-ST2043
Satellite A500-18T Satellite A200-TR4 Satellite A200-TH7
Satellite A500-19L Satellite A203 Satellite A200-TR6
Satellite A500-1DU Satellite A205-S4557 Satellite A205 Series
Satellite A500-1GL Satellite A210 Series Satellite A205-S7466
Satellite A500-1GR Satellite A210-106 Satellite A210-04F
Satellite A500-ST5605 Satellite A210-10C Satellite A210-109
Satellite A500-ST5608 Satellite A210-111 Satellite A210-10L
Satellite A505 series Satellite A210-11P Satellite A210-117
Satellite L202 Satellite A210-12Z Satellite A210-128
Satellite L300-01R Satellite A210-149 Satellite A210-130
Satellite L300-07N Satellite A210-151 Satellite A210-14T
Satellite L300-0G1 Satellite A210-162 Satellite A210-15A
Satellite L300-11P Satellite A210-16Y Satellite A210-165
Satellite L300-12P Satellite A210-17R Satellite A210-172
Satellite L300-13R Satellite A210-17Z Satellite A210-17S
Satellite L300-147 Satellite A210-19Z Satellite A210-198
Satellite L300-14C Satellite A210-1B4 Satellite A210-1A7
Satellite L300-16L Satellite A210-1BA Satellite A210-1B5
Satellite L300-17I Satellite A210-1BD Satellite A210-1BB
Satellite L300-18E Satellite A210-1BP Satellite A210-1BF
Satellite L300-19U Satellite A210-1BX Satellite A210-1BQ
Satellite L300-1AQ Satellite A210-1C9 Satellite A210-1C0
Satellite L300-1AX Satellite A210-27M Satellite A210-1CA
Satellite L300-1BV Satellite A210-JA3 Satellite A210-287
Satellite L300-1CU Satellite A210-ST0 Satellite A210-MJ6


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