HP 620 Replacement Laptop Battery

9,000.00 6,800.00

1. Battery Type:  Battery

2. Cell Type: Li-ion

3.Voltage: 11.1V

4.Capacity: 5200mAh

5.Color: Black

Fit Model :

For HP 420,
    For HP 421,
    For HP 425,
    For HP 4320t,
    For HP 620,
    For HP 625
    For HP ProBook 4000 Series
        ProBook 4320s, ProBook 4320t, ProBook 4321s,
        ProBook 4325s, ProBook 4326s, ProBook 4420s,
        ProBook 4421s, ProBook 4425s, ProBook 4520s,
        ProBook 4525s
    for Compaq 320,
    for Compaq 321,
    for Compaq 325,
    for Compaq 326,
    for Compaq 420,
    for Compaq 421,
    for Compaq 620,
    for Compaq 621


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